Meet Our Speakers


Dr. Sidharth Misra

Technologist at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

Dr. Manil Maskey

Senior Research Scientist/Project Manager at NASA

Ashley Moran

Program Manager for EPICS in IEEE

Melody Richardson

STEM Coordinator for MOVE International

Denise Griffin

Customer Success and Program Management Professional

Katie Brinker

Senior Nondestructive Evaluation Engineer at Pratt & Whitney

David Veasy

Sr. Product Manager – Autonomy at John Deere

Dr. Rakesh Kumar

IEEE DataPort Chair

Sophia Wushanley

PhD Student at University of Michigan

Russell Harrison

Managing Director at IEEE-USA

Witold Kinsner

Professor Emeritus and Senior Scholar at University of Manitoba

Lexie Yang

Research Scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Fabio Pacifici

Distinguished Member of Technical at Maxar Technologies Staff, Research and Development

Matthew Jackson

Research Engineer at GTRI

Mrinal Karvir

Senior AI Software Engineering Manager at Intel Corporation

Mark A. Vasquez

Sr. Program Manager, IEEE TechEthics

Kodi Bobier

Campus Recruiting Program Manager Qualcomm

Zachary Stern

Project Manager at Qualcomm Academy

Burt Dicht

Managing Director of Membership, National Space Society

Fred Schindler

IEEE VP Technical Activities, CTO of Anlotek Ltd

Dr. Sandra Magnus

IEEE-HKN Eminent Member, Chief Engineer MITRE

Karen Panetta

Dean of Tufts University School of Engineering